Firm Profile

Hoffman, Bricker & Adams, P.C. is a certified public accounting firm formed in May 1997 and located in Town and Country, Missouri at the intersection of Mason Road and Highway 40. The firm is highly tax and consulting oriented. The firm's business consists primarily of assisting privately-held businesses and their shareholders or partners with complex tax matters. Industries serviced vary and include construction, real estate, service industries, wholesale, retail, brokerage, etc... Areas of expertise include individual, corporate, partnership, trust and estate taxation.

Each client relationship is unique to Hoffman, Bricker & Adams, P.C. It is our mission to provide services of exceptional value and superior quality to our clients in a way that recognizes the client as our most important asset.

We strive to achieve each of the following:

- Provide timely service.

- Produce work of the highest quality.

- Take a personal interest with each client.

- Maintain a staff of top-quality individuals.

In addition to providing quality service, Hoffman, Bricker & Adams, P.C. is proud of its ethical conduct and would like to share our Code of Ethical Conduct.

Hoffman, Bricker & Adams, P.C.
Code of Ethical Conduct

  • We commit to always placing our values and the truth ahead of financial and personal gains.
  • We will serve and retain clients who support our values.
  • We will not deceive each other, our customers, the banks and lenders, the government or any one else we come in contact with in our business. All gray areas in the tax law will be discussed with our client.
  • We will put forth our best efforts using our talents and abilities to render excellent service.
  • We will maintain complete objectivity by not having a financial interest in our clients’ business or with our clients in joint ventures.
  • We will admit our mistakes as soon as they are discovered and rectify the situation as best as we can given the circumstances.
  • We will respect everyone regardless of status, position, race, religion, etc.
  • In order to maintain total trust, we will hold all personal information about each other and about our clients in strictest confidence.

Hoffman, Bricker & Adams, P.C. welcomes the opportunity to serve your needs as they may arise. We understand that quality service at a fair price is important and we are personally committed to providing such service. Please feel free to contact us at any time.